Bodom House, Espoo


Stay North is the only player in the market that manages the entire process of renting your property from end-to-end. Our pricing model is simple.
We take 15% of revenue and deliver all of this:

Your home, managed & maintained

From cleaning, maintenance, guest vetting and communications, our team act as the intermediary between your property and the guests. We take on all the responsibilities associated with managing a second home, including paying the bills. All you have to do is hand over the keys and we do the rest.

Optimise your earnings

Our expert team implements a detailed and thorough marketing approach for your property, including taking professional photos, optimising your listings, and leveraging the full suite of booking channels to guarantee the kind of occupancy rates needed to deliver real profit. We possess a deep knowledge of the market and will implement a revenue strategy based on actual market data and seasonal trends. Plus, owners can monitor their bookings, earnings, and reviews in real time on our app.

Absolute peace of mind

Your property's security and your peace of mind are paramount. Beyond optimising your income, we prioritise ensuring the safety of your property. Our thorough screening process includes securing signed rental agreements, ID verifications, and security deposits before disclosing your property's location. Advanced technology allows us to discreetly monitor noise and occupancy, ensuring prompt attention to any maintenance or security issues.

Unparalleled customer service

We guarantee boutique levels of service for guests during their stay. This includes a digital concierge and highly responsive staff to cater for every request. Our reputation for service among guests and holiday makers mean our properties are sought after over and above similar properties in your area.


Koto House

We have been very satisfied with our decision to choose Stay North as our business partner, mainly because of their excellent capability to reach new customers and subsequently, revenue is much higher than before. Renting our villa is much easier because they have taken care of everything. Stay North is easy to reach any time and they answer fast almost 24/7.

Lempaala Lake House

We have now half a year of experience working with Stay North and we have only positive feedback. Josh is very professional, kind and takes good care of the clients and our home.

Villa Eslahti

Stay North manages the rentals professionally and as the owner I have no worries about the guests. Everything is handled directly through Stay North and their housekeepers do an excellent job. It’s a really easy and carefree rental service.

Villa Pahkina

Satu and Josh are efficient, experienced and friendly industry professionals, with whom the cooperation has been excellent. The luxury moment of a vacation home owner is such that when a problem arises, Satu and Josh say "no problem, we'll take care of it" - and whatever the problem was, the customers give five stars as feedback and praise the excellent customer service.

Nuuksio Retreat

Fantastic professional service! I highly recommend Stay North whether you are planning to host or rent.


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